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"I am like sea waves, going up and down."

Mixed Media

Wood, motor, acrylic, aluminum, mosaic tiles, white plastic chairs, cassette, cassette player   

Size: Dimension variable 

My work is about the time that I missed, that I had never actually been to the pier to watch the sea and listen to the waves with my grandpa when I still could. I tried to rebuild a sea of my grandpa and I based on my memories and my imagination, and a pier that we had never been to together. In this installation, audience can look at the sea, listen to the waves, and listen to me humming an old Minnamese song - Sea Waves that my grandpa could have understood.


This work is divided into three parts, the first is a moving wave installation. I used mosaic tiles, which to me is a symbol of my grandpa, to lay a fragment of the sea, and the devices of the waves moving slowly, rising and falling. This device draws the audience in to look at it all the time and observe its subtle changes. In addition, there are two rocking chairs transformed from white plastic chairs. Audience can sit on the chairs and shake them at will. It feels like the waves going up and down. Audience can also follow the rhythm of the wave device and swing along the whole installation. The last part is a recording on the cassette. This recording is composed of the sound of the waves at the pier and a humming of the old Minnamese song. It's a song I sing for my grandpa.


And the title of the work is: "I am like sea waves, going up and down." It is a line from the lyrics in this old song, and it also summarizes my entire work. Whether it is the rhythm of the waves presented by the device, the up and down movements of the audience on the rocking chairs, the up and down of the waves in the cassette player, and the fluctuating mood when experiencing 

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